Secure payment

Purchases of goods and services may be paid by credit card or debit card, by bank transfer to the account indicated in the system or by PayPal.
In the event you want to pay your purchase by credit card , you will solictada the following information once it is within the secure server of electronic payment system :
- Card Number
- Expiry date
- Security Code (three digits found on the back of your card)
As electronic payment system , is attached to the payment gateway PayPal eCommerce . All encrypted data traveling on a secure server and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Secure payment system PayPal , which ensures that neither the owners of this virtual trade or third parties have access to your bank details or card credit.
Once the data is entered , PayPal will validate your credit card and shall recover . At that time the order will be effective and will proceed to process delivery .

I also pay by: